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SessaKlein manufactures windows self-designed or designed by customers, windows further to re-engineer vintage or designed by other suppliers.
SessaKlein always offers a customized product, compliant with the technical specifications and respondent to customers’ price expectations, acting as an independent consultant on the choice of optimised solutions.
SessaKlein competency in glass technology and its commercial philosophy are the basis for the technically best possible glass choice among those easily traceable in the market, so that customers will not suffer from the often underestimated problems of spares availability in the future. SessaKlein carries out the whole working process on the aluminium or composite material frames, including bending, milling, TIG and flash butt welding.
Our senior working personnel is highly skilled in assembly and in special processes such as structural bonding and anti-vandalism film application, which is performed in a dedicated clear room.
All the materials and components are chosen from top-class and certified vendors, in compliance with the international norms, respecting the most important parameters for safety (es. fire and smoke) and technical performance.

Product Specifications
SessaKlein windows are designed to meet customer specifications and the most strict performances in terms of mechanics, fatigue and tightness. All the production batches are controlled and tested during each single phase for functionality, dimension tolerances, aesthetic and general features, such as water tightness, with appropriate quality procedures.
We pay particular attention to the visual aspects and the protection of aluminium to assure long duration in working conditions and to prevent corrosion, either through anodization or through liquid and powder coating.
SessaKlein products are engineered bearing in mind essential key benefits such as standardization of components, acoustic performance, weight balance, ergonomic, electrical hazard and fire and smoke performance by choosing the best, not necessarily the cheapest, certified materials in the market.

The Glass Choice
SessaKlein believes that one of the essential elements for a good product performance is the glass choice, and - acting as independent consultant with good relations with major glass manufacturers - SessaKlein is able to choose the best solution for its customers in terms of structural performance, safety, luminous and solar characteristics, thermal transmittance (U value) and optical distortion. The glass determination is always achieved by the correct balance between costs, future spares availability and the best possible outcome in operating conditions. We are experienced in using all the glass types in rolling stock: toughened safety-glass, laminated glass, insulating glass, annealed glass.

Special Processes
Antivandalic/antigraffiti film application
Train manufacturers need to shorten installation time and the antigraffiti film application on the window internal or external sides is considered a time consuming and risky task.
Therefore SessaKlein has decided to directly offer this value added service and in 2005 has installed a new clean room, dust free by means of an internal overpressure system, specifically designed for the application of antivandalic and antigraffiti films over the finished windows.
The application process also includes specific tooling for window manipulation and packing directly designed by SessaKlein in order not to damage films during the drying phase.

Automatic flash butt welding and tig welding
In 2006, SessaKlein co-designed and installed a new CNC controlled flash butt welding machinery which allows to automatically manage all the welding parameters, with tremendous results in terms of reliability of the welded cord and aesthetic effect with frame anodization. Traditional TIG welding is also a major SessaKlein process, using the best aluminium TIG rods for certified metallurgical and aesthetic result.

Structural Bonding
SessaKlein has been a pioneer in structural bonding in the windows sector since the early '90s, originally in high speed trains. Now this technology is also largely applied also to mass market solutions and SessaKlein is organized in terms of skilled people and machinery for producing large batches of bonded windows.

Scope of Supply
High speed trains windows.
Regional trains windows.
Mass transit and metro trains windows.
Flat and curved windows.
Cab side hoppers and sliding windows.
Escape hatches (in aluminium and GRP).
Special and customized solutions.
An information note with our market vision and company mission.
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